I'm Dee Crick, a Brit in Brooklyn, NY. and ex. corporate marketer turned writer. 

I write both fiction and non-fiction picture books.  

I create lyrical, fictional children's stories that inspire purpose, passion or pride or that celebrate our differences.  Ever since I was awarded a prize from the William Wordsworth trust at aged eleven, I realized I love the art of rhyme when it is done well.


But I don't just like to make stuff up.  I'm super curious about so many things.  I love learning about people, events, the world, animals and ideas - especially anything that makes me say "I cannot believe that's true!".  So I write non-fiction middle-grade books too.  


When I'm not writing you'll find me doing Reformer Pilates, learning something new in a book, podcast or museum, or trying out the never ending new things to do in New York City with my family.


More 'About Me' Facts

  1. I like to travel and experience different cultures.  I've visited 30+ countries.

  2. I geek out over anything related to growth mindset, diversity & inclusion and positive psychology.  

  3. I'm OBSESSED with the Broadway show, Hamilton and sometimes put the soundtrack on for extra writing motivation.

  4. My heritage is Jamaican and I love Jamaica's motto "Out of Many, One People" based on the population's multicultural roots.

  5. I've managed a bank and worked in financial services, telecoms and the tech industry.  My most important role to date is Mommy.  

  6. Neuro-diversity should be celebrated.  I'm neurodivergent, which just means my brain works a little differently to the average due to mild dyspraxia.  So yes, I can't ride a bike very well, I may be clumsy and spill the odd drink... and yes I heavily rely on my navigation apps to get around.  However, being neurodivergent has blessed me with strengths such as high empathy, creativity, innovative thinking, visual thinking, intuition, tenacity, problem solving and creative writing.


I’m also a member of SCBWI, the 12x12 picture book challenge, Storyteller Academy, and various critique groups.  Plus, I’ve  completed various lyrical writing courses including Renee LaTulippe’s Lyrical Language Lab.