I'm Dee, a Brit now living in Brooklyn, New York and I've always loved writing.  
When I was younger, I starred in a European documentary about a friend's childhood in Croatia, and during filming, I mentioned I'd love to live in the US and to write one day. 
I was lucky enough to win a writing award with the descendants of William Wordsworth delivering my prize.  However, I grew up never seeing authors who look like me, so I didn't think it was possible. 
Alongside my decade-plus corporate career in marketing & product development, I trained as a health-&-life-coach. 
One day, after helping someone thrive by channeling their passions and strengths, I finally grew the courage to practice what I preached and channel my own.
After finishing a post-graduate digital marketing diploma, I completed many children's writing courses and conferences.  I joined SCWBI and a copywriting school and became a dedicated writer and copywriter.
Children's Picture Books
I aim to make children's stories fun, fresh, and (ideally) surprising, whether fiction or non-fiction.
Many of the books I write subtly promote:
  1. growth-mindsets and emotional & social development 

  2. being inclusive OR

  3. learning in a fun way

There's been a recent, refreshing movement in the publishing industry. 


Now, all types of stories are increasingly being published by diverse authors, not only books about their 'otherness.'  

I'd like to help and be a part of this step change.

Copywriting & Content

From websites to products.  Persuasive copy, to engaging, educational content.  I can help.


What I'm great at:

  • Product descriptions

  • Blogging

  • Website planning and content

  • Ebooks

  • Article writing

  • Resumes/ CVs

What I'm good at:

  • Taglines & brand names

  • Pamphlets, brochures, leaflets

My industry knowledge spans the following sectors: small business, non-profit, financial services, technology, telecoms, and health & wellness.  However, I'm happy to help with any writing project.  Let's chat.

Email me at to book your first briefing call now, free of charge.