"I'd LOVE to write in the USA... maybe one day,"

I said when I was young while starring in a documentary in the UK.

Saying 'maybe' was not because I didn't want to be a writer.  I'd used the word 'LOVE' after all.
I just couldn't imagine it.
I hadn't considered why I couldn't envision it.
In a world where authors didn't look like me, my brain had decided it's not possible.
Even though I'd won a writing award - tick.
Even though William Wordsworth's descendants had delivered my prize - tick.
Still... Me? A writer?
​Years later, I trained as a coach alongside my marketing career.
After helping others channel passions and strengths I finally got the courage to channel my own; my creativity, curiosity, empathy... and writing.

Today, I write children's fiction and non-fiction picture books.

Typically uplifting or inspiring.  Often with a splash of silly.

Always wanting kids to feel like anything is possible.

I'm an active SCBWI and 12x12-picture-book-challenge member.

I've joined courses like the Lyrical Language Lab, as well as many critique groups.

It's an exciting time for diverse picture book authors.

They're getting traditionally published, including books that aren't necessarily about their otherness.

All kids are seeing themselves reflected in beautiful illustrations and in picture book authors.

So now I write for kids every day (... and to fund my matcha latte habit).

Five More Facts About Me

  1. I've visited over 30+ countries.   I'd love to visit Oceania to show my son the islands in Disney's Moana.

  2. I'm from London, UK.   My home is in Brooklyn, NY.    My heritage is Caribbean.   My ancestry is diverse. 

  3. I'm a trained Marketer.  But my first graduate role was a Bank Manager.  

  4. Every day I read personal development books and podcasts, and beautiful picture books to my son.

  5. My personality type is 'INFJ'. Want to find out your own for personal development?   Try a free Cognitive Function test here.  (FYI - MBTI cognitive functions are different to Myers Briggs).