By Dee Crick

"I'd LOVE to write in the USA... maybe one day,"...

...I said when I was young while starring in a documentary in the UK.

Saying 'maybe' was not because I didn't want to be a writer.  I'd used the word 'LOVE' after all.
I just couldn't imagine it.
I hadn't considered why I couldn't envision it.
In a world where authors didn't look like me, my brain had decided it's not possible.
Even though I'd won a writing award - tick.
Even though William Wordsworth's descendants had delivered my prize - tick.
Still... Me? A writer?
​Years later, I trained as a coach alongside my marketing career.
After helping others channel passions and strengths I finally got the courage to channel more of my own; my creativity, curiosity, empathy... and writing.

Today, I write children's fiction and non-fiction picture books.

Typically uplifting or inspiring.  Often with a splash of silly.

Always wanting kids to feel like anything is possible.

I'm an active SCBWI and 12x12-picture-book-challenge member.

I've joined courses like the Lyrical Language Lab, as well as many critique groups.

It's an exciting time for diverse picture book authors.

They're getting traditionally published - including with books that aren't necessarily about their otherness.

All kids are seeing themselves reflected in beautiful illustrations and in picture book authors.

So now I write for kids every day (... and to fund my matcha latte habit).

Four More Facts About Me

  1. I've visited over 30+ countries.   I'd love my family to visit Oceania - the land of Disney's Moana.

  2. I'm from London, UK.   My home is in Brooklyn, NY.    My heritage is Caribbean.   My ancestry is diverse. 

  3. I'm a trained Marketer.  My first job was selling kitchens.  My first graduate role was a Bank Manager.  

  4. Every day I read personal development books and podcasts, and beautiful picture books to my son.