Do you wish you could find the right words to connect with your perfect-match clients? 


Need a voice that... stands out? shows your personality & passion? gets results?


Well, that's where I come in.  Dee Crick. 

The copywriter, product developer, marketer & coach.   

But you can just call me Dee.


I help businesses uncover the message that matters to clients and ensure their competitive advantage gets noticed.


Because marketing to people means listening and responding... and not just filling website space or repeating SEO words.

 My Experience

  • Over a decade in marketing at big corporations  

  • A post-grad in digital marketing

  • Copywriting credentials & qualifications

  • A qualified coach inspiring action in others - just with words!

 How We'll Work Together

I'll begin by getting to know you and your needs during our briefing session.

I'll take you through a questionnaire to determine: 

  • what's unique about you

  • your problems

  • your customers

  • who you see as your main competition

I'll then do my own extensive research before I even begin to draft your copy. 


I'll complete several iterations,


Then, there will be THREE rounds of feedback and edits to ensure you're happy.

What I Love To Do
  • Write engaging stories

  • Come up with new, exciting and actionable ideas

  • Watch reruns of the show New Girl ( should too.  It's hilarious!)

What I'm Great At
  • Product descriptions

  • Website planning and content

  • Ebooks

  • Article writing

  • Blogging

  • Resumes/ CVs

  • Idea generation and innovation

  • Dating profiles (...cough cough)

  • Correctly guessing movie endings in the first 10 minutes (sorry, not sorry)

What I'm Good At
  • Brand names & taglines 

  • Brochures, leaflets, pamphlets

  • Writing lists!



Need Someone With Industry-Specific Expertise?
image0 (6).jpeg

Here's mine.

  • Small business

  • Financial Services

  • Technology

  • Telecoms

  • Health & Wellness