Hi, I'm Dee!  

Your big-hearted marketing copywriter and word whizz.

Struggling with copy? 

Need a voice that... stands out? grabs attention? gets results with perfect-match clients?


Let me help.

I'll use my decade-plus marketing experience at big corporations. 


Plus my stint at a copywriting school and my post-grad in digital marketing come in handy.

How We'll Work Together

I'll begin by getting to know you and your needs during our briefing session.

I'll take you through a questionnaire to determine: 

  • what's unique about you

  • your problems

  • your customers

  • who you see as your main competition

I'll then do my own extensive research before I even begin to draft your copy. 


I'll complete several iterations,


Then, there will be THREE rounds of feedback and edits to ensure you're happy.

What I Love To Do
  • Write engaging stories

  • Come up with new, exciting and actionable ideas

  • Watch reruns of the show New Girl (...you should too.  It's hilarious!)

What I'm Great At
  • Product descriptions

  • Website planning and content

  • Ebooks

  • Article writing

  • Blogging

  • Resumes/ CVs

  • Idea generation and innovation

  • Dating profiles (...cough cough)

  • Correctly guessing movie endings in the first 10 minutes (sorry, husband)

What I'm Good At
  • Brand names & taglines 

  • Brochures, leaflets, pamphlets

  • Writing lists!



Need Someone With Industry-Specific Expertise?

Here's mine.

  • Small business

  • Financial Services

  • Technology

  • Telecoms

  • Health & Wellness